Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Place To Hide (1955)

1955 - No Place To Hide (Josef Shaftel & Co/LVN Pictures/Lebran-Movietec)

[Philippines release date 28th July 1955]

Director/Story/Producer Josef Shaftel Screenplay Norman Corwin Associate Producer Dan Milner Music Herschel Burke Gilbert, [uncredited] Joseph Mullendore Gilbert Editor Arthur H. Nadel Art Director Teodi Carmona Assistant Director Jeremias Terson Conductor Herschel Burke Gilbert Orchestrator Walter Sheets

Cast David Brian (Dr Dobson), Marsha Hunt (Anne Dobson), Hugh Corcoran (Greg Dobson), Ike Jarlego Jr (Ramon), Celia Flor (Miss Diaz), Eddie Infante (Colonel Moreno), Manuel Silos (Manuel), Lou Salvador (Priest), Pianing Vidal (Dr Lorenzo), Alfonso Carvajal (Dr Mateo), Vicenta Advincula (Consuelo), Oscar Keesee, Jose de Cordova, Jose Avellana, Candy the Wonder Dog

Les Adams’ synopsis from the Internet Movie Database: A scientist, his wife, and their young son come to the Phillipines so that the man can continue his germ-warfare studies for the army in uninhabited area. The boy and a playmate come into possession of some of the pellets developed by the scientist which can kill off the citizens of a large city if they are broken. Armed forces and the police are seeking the boys who, thinking they face punishment and the loss of a pet, continue to elude them. And they have already lost one of the death-filled pellets in the city.

Visual materials courtesy of Simon Santos at the Video 48 blog

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