Monday, April 18, 2011

The Golden Triangle (1975)

1975 - The Golden Triangle (Jowell Films)

[Hong Kong production filmed in the Philippines, original company unknown; Filipino version released by Jowell Films, release date 7th March 1975. Also known as “The Burma Connection”, and released in West Germany as “Die Falle Des Gelben Drachen”]

HONG KONG CREDITS Director/Screenplay Law Kei Cinematography K. N. Wong Kwok-Nam Music Eddie H. Wang Chi-Ren Action Director Gam Ming Presenter Wong Lai-Ying

Cast Yasuaki Kurata, Han Ying-Chieh, Nick Cheung Lik, Ko Keung, Gai Yuen, Lee Fat-Yuen, Chan Muk-Chuen, Ting Hon

PHILIPPINES CREDITS Directors Romeo N. Galang, Lo Ke Producer Felicitas D. Uy

Cast “Shoji Karada”/Yasuaki Kurata, Evangeline Pascual, Chang Lee, Eddie Garcia, Jojo, Nympha Bonifacio, Joe Sison, Omar Kamar, Rey Sagum, Roberto Talabis, Greg Lozano, Hon Ying Kit, Samson Kai, Ko Keung, Val Iglesia

Many thanks to Simon Santos at Video 48 for bringing this to my attention!

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