Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleeping Dragon (1975)

1975 – Sleeping Dragon (Sultan Films/Emperor Films International)

[A Filipino-Hong Kong co-production filmed in the Philippines, Philippines release date 24th April 1975]

Directors Ishmael Bernal, Jimmy L. Pascual Story Ophelia San Juan Screenplay Wilfred D. Nolledo Producer Jimmy L. Pascual Cinematography Chris Chang Music L.D. San Pedro

Cast Raymond Lui [Shing-Gung], Lotis Key, Eddie Garcia, Charlie Davao, Chan Ling-Wai, Lee Chiu, Lau Jun-Fai, Danny Chow Yun-Gin

Review from Chinese who lived in the Philippines had many occasions to rebel against the majority rulers, who would often treat them as commercial milk-cows and otherwise oppress them horribly. This historical and martial arts film chronicles such a Chinese rebellion in the Philippines in 1603.

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