Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Time For Dying (1970)

1970 – A Time For Dying (Nepomuceno Productions)

[Philippines release date 13th February 1970, original title “Pipo (A Time For Dying)”]

Director/Producer Luis Nepomuceno Story Reuben R. Canoy Screenplay Cesar J. Amigo Cinematography Loreto Isleta Music Tito Arevalo Editor Rodolfo Montecajon Art Director Richard Abelardo Stunt Director Wilfred Ruiz Head Gaffer Filemon Sabado Post Production Supervisor Juanito B. Clemente Special Effects Santos Hilario Sound Effects Tony Gozalves Makeup Antonio Balboa Assistant Director Dionysio Galang Production Manager Augusto Cruz Technical Consultants (Religious Matters) Father Patricio Lim, (Military Matters) Colonel Henry Meider, Lieutenant Colonel Bert Calderon, Yoshinori Mori

Cast Charito Solis (Maria Lopez), Pancho Magalona (Captain Furuda), Fred Galang, Rod Webb (Bruno the Bastard), Miguelito (Pipo), Angel Esmeralda (Colonel Ramos), Eddie Garcia (Major Tanaka), Eva Darren (Narda), Yoshinori Mori (Lieutenant), Teddy Benavidez (Father Castro), Norma Blancaflor (Mrs Lopez), Ben Perez (Mayor Lopez), Rick Bacher (Major Burton), Mary Walter (Old Hag), Angel Esmeralda, Robert Arevalo, Rebecca Rocha, Max Rojo, Rod Francisco, Dino Del Valle, Nonong Arceo, Alex Romeo, Darmo Orbase, Sammy Sarmiento, Ely Ricasas, Jun Sanchez, Rey Silad, Jun Garcia, Jimmy Cruz, Dan Vitanzos, Lagdameo Brothers, the Lucky 9 Stuntmen

Review: If Sam Peckinpah directed an epic war drama in the Philippines, it might run something like this. A small Philippine island is rather peacefully invaded by the Japanese during WWII. A guerrilla resistance led by a white bastard forms and spends most of the time raping, killing and raping and killing some more! To make matters worse a hard-assed Japanese commander takes over and starts executing the townspeople. Lots of dramatic moments, but the battle scenes are bloody as hell and since it was directed by Cirio H. Santiago [incorrect], there has to be at least a shooting, rape, beating or blood-drenched slow-motion massacre every 10 minutes to keep the audience on their toes. In English with Greek subtitles. [B]

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  1. where can I get copy of this movie? I've been looking for this movie as well as The Hunted (Charito Solis). I would gladly appreciate if you could help me. Thanks