Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cry Of Battle (1963)

1963 – Cry Of Battle (Petramonte Productions/Filipinas Productions)

[Philippines release date 18th March 1963, original title "To Be A Man"]

Director Irving Lerner Producer Joe Steinberg Associate Producer Eddie Romero Writer Bernard Gordon Based on the novel ‘Fortress In The Rice’ by Benjamin Appel Director of Photography Felipe Sacdalan Supervising Editor Verna Fields Music Richard Markowitz [listed on Philippines poster as “Dick Markovitch”]

Cast Van Heflin (Joe Trent), Rita Moreno (Sisa), James MacArthur (David McVey), Leopoldo Salcedo (Manuel Careo), Sidney Clute (Col. Ryker), Oscar Roncal (Atong), Vic “Solyin”/Salayan (Capt. Garcia), Liza Moreno (Vera), Marilou Muñoz (Pinang), “Mike”/Michael Parsons (Capt. Davis), Claude Wilson (Matchek), Oscar “Keese”/Keesee Jr, [uncredited except on Philippines poster] Ruben Rustia, Hal Bowie, Francisco Cruz

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