Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Passionate Strangers (1966)

1966 – The Passionate Strangers (MJP Productions)

[Philippines release date 3rd March 1966]

Director/Screenplay Eddie Romero Writers Cesar Amigo, Reuben Canoy, Jose F. Lacaba Producer "M.J."/Mike Parsons Music Nestor Robles Cinematography Justo Paulino Editor Ben Barcelon Sound Demetrio de Santos

Cast Michael J. Parsons (Adam Courtney), Valora Noland (Margaret Courtney), Mario Montenegro (Roberto Valdez), Celia Rodriguez (Lydia Transmonte), Vic Diaz (Angel Mascardo), Butz Aquino (Julio Lazatin), Claude Wilson (J.V. Harrison), Jose Dagumboy (Yoyong), Bong Calumpang (Yoyong's Companion), César Aguilar (Manuel Hidalgo)

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  1. I don't know how I came to be included in the screenplay credits of this one. I've tried to correct my IMDb filmography, but this one is still on its list.

    If memory serves, I wrote an article for the Philippines Free Press about the making of this movie. Unfortunately, I didn't think of keeping clippings of my writings back then.