Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cobra Mission (1985)

1985 – Cobra Mission (Fulvia International Films)

[original Italian title “Cinque Uomini Contro Tutti”, also released as “Operation Nam”]

Director “Larry Ludman”/Fabrizio De Angelis Story/Screenplay V.J. Kleme, “Larry Ludman”/Fabrizio De Angelis, Erwin C. Dietrich [IMDB lists Gianfranco Clerici, De Angelis, Vincenzo Mannino] Producers [uncredited] Fabrizio De Angelis, Erwin C. Dietrich Art Director “Alexander M. Colby” Editors “Albert Moryalty”/Alberto Moriani, “Marie Luise Buschke” [IMDB lists Moriani, Eugenio Alabiso] Music Francesco De Masi Production Manager Peter Baumgartner Cinematography Sergio D'Offizi (IMDB also lists Sergio Salvati] Colour Luciano Vittori Stunt Coordinator Steve Connelly Assistant Director Peter Dolan Unit Manager Arno Sussbier Camera Operator Michael Cook Continuity Mary Keller Assistant Art Director Albert Cooper Assistant Costume Designer Bill Allen Make-Up Mike Terry Hair Styles James Rogers Sound Recordist Gerhard Wagner Boom Operator Donald Murphy Stills Photographer Ben N. Nollora Assistant Cameraman Harry Palmer Production Assistant Marina De Tiberiis Paymaster George Green Assistant Editor John Harley Cutting Room Assistant Frank Lennon Make-up Assistant Daniel Dalchow Set Construction David Bancroff Gaffer Mark Vigt Key Grip Elmer Barkey Props Richard Ross Seamstress Jane Sutton Re-Recording Engineer Danilo Sterbini Dialogue Editor Nick Alexander Special Sound Effects Aurelio Pennacchia Wigs Rocchetti-Carboni Special Effects Apollonio V. Abadeza

Cast Oliver Tobias (Richard Wagner), Christopher Connelly (Roger Carson), Manfred “Lehman”/Lehmann (Mark Adams), John Steiner (James Walcott). Ethan Wayne (Mike), Donald Pleasence (Father Lenoir), Gordon Mitchell (Col. Mortimer), Maria Koltay, Kordy Mounir, Richard Lester, “Alan Collins”/Luciano Pigozzi (Phil Lawson's father), Brad Fletcher, Jene Davis, Antonella Di Marco, David Light, Rolando Taino, Rudolph Scott, Willy Morales, Anthony Ogunsanja, Enzo G. Castellari (Major Morris), “Thomas Moore”/Ennio Girolami

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  1. Hi Andrew,I almost had this title on my film-list, but mist it by an inch. I remember encountering crazy Willy in Makati telling me there was casting for a shoot. But I was involved in another production at that time.
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