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Elwood Perez filmography part 2 (1970-1979)

1970 - Blue Boy (Joy Productions)

[Release date 16th October 1970]

Director/Screenplay Elwood Perez Based on the novel by Robert Bornay Producer Juanita S. Proximo Music Bits & Pieces Sofia Moran’s songs by Jesse Saclo “Blue Boy Theme” written by Pete Lacaba and composed by Split Seconds In-Charge of Production Popoy Santos

Cast Fred Cortes Jr, Rita Gomez, Liza Lorena, Sofia Moran, Eddie Garcia, Anita Linda, Eddie Infante, Bella Flores, Glenn Bernardo, Bino Garcia, Sancho Tesalona, Edgar Opide, Bobby Revilla, Karlo Romano, Elizabeth Ebrada, Dorothy Joy

1975 - Lollipops And Roses At Burong Talangka (VL)

[Release date 14th November 1975]

Director Elwood Perez Screenplay Toto Belano

Cast Victor Laurel, Nora Aunor

1976 – Inday Garutay (Imus Productions)

[Release date 23rd Spetember 1976]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Joeben Miraflor Jr Executive Producer Azucena G. Mortel Cinematography Jun Rasca Music Vicor

Cast Trixia Gomez (Inday Garutay)

1976 – Divorce, Pilipino Style (Saranggola)

[Release date 5th December 1976]

Director Elwood Perez

Cast Eddie Gutierrez, Pilar Pilapil, Robert Arevalo, Chanda Romero

1976 – Puwede Ako, Puwede Ka Pa Ba? (AM Productions)

[Release date 27th December 1976]

Directors Elwood Perez, Joey Gosiengfiao Screenplay Wilfrido D. Nolledo Producer Amalia Fuentes

Cast Amalia Fuentes, Romeo Vasquez, Eddie Gutierrez, Vivian Velez, Rosemarie Gil, Ike Lozada, Inday Badiday, Cloyd Robinson, Lillian Liang, Fanny, Angge, Don Gallardo, Dexter, Sandy Garcia

1977 - Masikip, Maluwang... Paraisong Parisukat (Sampaguita Pictures)

[Release date 20th May 1977]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Orlando R. Nadres Music Ryan Cayabyab Cinematography Oscar Querijero

Cast Christopher de Leon, Alma Moreno, Eddie Garcia, Nova Villa, Lorli Villanueva, Barbara Luna, Anita Linda, Bella Flores, Sandy Garcia

1977 - Beerhouse (Regal Films)

[Release date 8th July 1977; sometimes listed as “Nariyan Ang Beerhouse”]

Director Elwood Perez Writers Nicanor Tiongson, Toto Belano Cinematography Gener Buenaseda [other sources list N. Magcalas] Music Demet Velasquez Editor Ben Barcelon

Cast Charito Solis (Rosario), Chanda Romero (Jenny), Eddie Gutierrez (Jose Mari), Ernie Garcia (Nanding), Trixia Gomez (Lilian), Vivian Velez (Carol), Freddie Quizon (Tito), Ronald Corveau (Nonoy), J. Antonio Carrion, Rosemarie Gil, Cherie Gil (Corazon), Dave Brodett (Boy Turko)

1977 - Masarap, Masakit… Ang Umibig (Sampaguita Pictures)

[Release date 21st October 1977]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Orlando R. Nadres Cinematography Gener Buenaseda Music Lutgardo Labad Editor Jose H. Tarnate Production Manager Bobby Bautista

Cast Vilma Santos (Estella), Christopher de Leon (Alonzo), Mat Ranillo III (Alvaro), Ma-An Hontiveros (Anabelle), Anita Linda, Amado Cortez, Lily Miraflor, Lilian Laing (Tiya Martha), Sandy Garcia, Cloyd Robinson, Laila Dee

“A wealthy couple's sacrificing adopted son and wayward biological son vie for the love of the same woman. Official Selection: 1981 ASEAN Film Festival, Sydney. Official Selection 1978 Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Taipei. Winner of Best Supporting Actor for Mat Ranillo III, 1978 FAMAS.”

1977 – Sugar Daddy (Regal Films)

[Release date 10th November 1977]

Director Elwood Perez Screenplay Toto Belano Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography N. Magcalas Editor B. Barcelon

Cast Ricky Belmonte, Luis Gonzales, Alma Moreno

1978 – Iwasan… Kabaret (Regal Films)

[Release date 22nd February 1978]

Directors Joey Gosiengfiao, Elwood Perez, Danilo Cabreira Screenplay Toto Belano Music Lutgardo Labad Cinematography Gener Buenaseda, J. Austria, R. Dino

Cast Alma Moreno, Charito Solis, Robert Arevalo, Beth Bautista, Elizabeth Oropesa

1978 - Buhay: Ako Sa Itaas, Ikaw Sa Ibaba (Rootman)

[Release date 24th February 1978]

Director Elwood Perez Screenplay R. Nicdao Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Gener Buenaseda Editor S. Ramos

Cast Amalia Fuentes, Alma Moreno, Ricky Belmonte

1978 – Nakawin Natin Ang Bawa’t Sandali (Sampaguita-VP Pictures)

[Release date 28th May 1978]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Orlando Nadres Cinematography Gener Buenaseda Music Lutgardo Labad

Cast Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Baby Delgado, Roel Vergel de Dios, Freddie Yance, Anita Linda, Romeo Rivera

“A young couple's affair is marred by their feuding families and small-town intrigues. They meet years after as successful career people only to be drawn into another scandalous liaison.”

1978 – Sari-Saring Ibong Kulasisi (Zap Film Productions)

[Release date 15th June 1978]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Toto Belano Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Gener Buenaseda

Cast Alona Alegre, Trixia Gomez, Vivian Velez, Chanda Romero, Eddie Gutierrez, Ronaldo Valdez, Panchito, Zeneida Amador, Sandy Garcia

1978 - Mahal Mo, Mahal Ko (Regal Films)

[Release date 30th June 1978]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Toto Belano Music Lutgardo Labad Cinematography Gener Buenaseda Editor Rogelio Salvador

Cast Nora Aunor (Nora), Tirso Cruz III (Pipo), Christopher de Leon (Chris), Bongchi (Boyet)

1979 - Disgrasyada (Regal Films)

[Release date 11th January 1979]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Toto Belano Cinematography Johnny Araojo Music Ernani Cuenco Editor Rogelio Salvador

Cast Rio Locsin (Maria), Rolly Quizon (Rodrigo), Ronald Corveau (Carding), Subas Hererro (Don Miguel), Johnny Wilson (Mr Locsin)

1979 - Pinay, American Style! (Regal Films)

[Release date 30th June 1979]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Toto Belano Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Felipe Sacdalan

Cast Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Bembol Rocco, Victor Laurel

1979 – Magkaribal (Regal Films)

[Release date 17th August 1979]

Director Elwood Perez Story/Screenplay Toto Belano Music Ernani Cuenco Cinematography Johnny Araojo Editor Rogelio Salvador

Cast Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon, Alma Moreno

1979 - Stepsisters (MVP Pictures)

[Release date 29th October 1979]

Director Elwood Perez Story Wilfredo Nolledo Screenplay Orlando Nadres Music Rey Valera Cinematography Gener Buenaseda Editor Jose H. Tarnate

Cast Lorna Tolentino (Pia), Rio Locsin (Lisa), Mark Gil (Leon), Romeo Rivera, Lucita Soriano (Pia’s Mother), Matimtiman Cruz, Anita Linda, Joey Fabregas (Rudy), Greggy Liwag, Herbert Corpuz

Review from the Pinoy DVD website:

The demise of Joey Gosiengfiao solidifies now the status of Elwood Perez as the sole survivor of Phil. Camp Cinema which they monopolized in the 70's. With the exception of Emmanuel Borlaza who did the impressive DARNA AND THE GIANTS without CGI effects mind you, and Danny Cabreira who made the wacky and hilarious ELEKTRIKA KASI EH.

What the f**k is the opening credits?....I thought the movie will be set in the fashion and modelling world with Lorna Tolentino and Rio Locsin posing for a cologne ad! From the petty quarrels during their childhood days, Kristine Garcia as the young LT slapped by the wedding cake during the wedding of their parents by the young Rio to the explosive fight up to the finish, STEPSISTERS is the ultimate Pinoy Revenge Movie. How bad it is? Not really...... a dead cat was served during breakfast, there's plenty of skin exposure in bathing suits by the two protagonists and the extended love scenes Cool......the big fight scenes between the two bombshells will equal the fight scenes in Gosiengfiao's TEMPTATION ISLAND from the swimming pool down to their respective rooms. And there's a twist in the finale! From being a melodrama, you've got to hear the extended version of Rey Valera's hit song TAYONG DALAWA, it turns into a thriller in the end! Grin

Elwood Perez always surprise me, sure he cannot revolutionize electric fans in the desert, his characters often get the most ridiculous perceptions from the villains but STEPSISTERS is a camp masterpiece, Elwood na Elwood. The mansion looks creepy at night, dark, perfect setting for a dysfunctional family where love doesn't rules.

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