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Redford White filmography

“The Funny World Of Redford White

from Simon Santos’ Video 48 blog

The first time I saw him was in a TV sitcom, “Iskul Bukol,” sometime in 1979 as Mang Temi’s (Bing Angeles) househelp and cafeteria waiter. He has a very white complexion with white hair. I don’t know his real name, but he was known as Redford White, probably taken from a popular Hollywood actor, Robert Redford and White because of his extraordinary physical features. I would sense that time that he could succeed as a comedian because of his knack for comedy--- his great sense of humor and impeccable timing in delivering jokes. True enough, he was doing one roles after another, even starring in a lead roles, in such hit movies as Boni & Klayd (1981), Darakula (1982), Hee-man: Master of None (1983), Billy the Kid and the Sunshine Gid (1984), Swak (1985), Johnny Rambo Tan-go (1985) and Johnny Rocky Tan-go (1986). He continued his slew of successes with Buddy en Sol and a string of movies in the '90s, as well various shows this decade, including the hit TV series Kokey.

Many thanks as always to Simon and his endless fountain of pure Pinoy pleasure!

1980 – Iskul Bukol (Freshmen) (GP Films)

[Release date 25th December 1980]

Director/Writer Mike Relon Makiling

Cast Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Ruby Anna, Carmi Martin, Maluh de la Fuente, Richie, Bing Angeles, Mely Tagasa, Mary Massab, Redford White, Dely Atay-Atayan, Rod Navarro, Bert de Leon, VST & Company, Louella Albanez?, Lito Anzures, Marissa Delgado

1981 – Tartan (Emperor Films)

[Release date 20th January 1981]

Director/Writer Mike Relon Makiling Based on the komik strip by Bert Sarile Cinematography D. Bustos Sound Rolly Ruta Editor S. Ramos

Cast Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Deborah Sun, Ann Villegas, Louella, Max Alvarado, Joonee Gamboa, Dencio Padilla, Lucita Soriano, Rudy Malapaz, Balot, Richie D’Horsie, Redford White, Jimmy Santos, Mike Hanopol

1981 - A Man Called 'Tolongges' (Bukang Liwayway Films)

[Release date CHECK PURPLE BOOK!!!]

Director Angel Labra Screenplay Felix E. Dalay, Angel Labra Producer Precy Mendiola Talavera Executive Producer Jerry Talavera Associate Producer Felix E. Dalay Cinematography Ramon Marcelino Music/Sound Supervisor Gabby Castellano Editor Pepe Marcos Art Director Rolly Sto. Domingo Production Manager Celso Talavera Associate Director Felix E. Dalay

Cast George Javier (Tolongges), Rod Navarro (Señor Alasuerte), Pia Moran (Tara), Cynthia Gonzalez (Estela), Paquito Diaz (El Tigre), Cachupoy (Zapatatem), Redford White (Arizona Gid), Max Alvarado (Black Bird 'The Pirate'), Dave Brodett (D'echoes), Rocco Montalban (D'echoes), Jack Vera (D'echoes), Jing Caparas (Pusa), Palito (Djangolat), Joaquin Fajardo (Buwaya), Chito Baron (Sheriff), Mark Joseph (Marco) El Tigre’s Henchmen Leon Fajaron, Tony Concepcion, Fandong Zaragosa, Lito Francisco, Andy Calma, Eddie De Leon, Cleto Divino, Jerry Lapuz, Ben Guevarra, Jaime Cuales, Tony Tiongson, Frank Maddes, Rey Peralta, Joe Watts, Red S. Crisostomo, Jaime Gordon

Synopsis from the Philippines VCD: George Javier a.k.a. Tolongges is well-known for his expertise in handling guns and his heroism as the people consider it brought him bags of money. Tolongges together with Zapatatem (Cachupoy) and Arizona Gid (Redford White) had their biggest projct when they were hired by Don Miguel Ala Suerte (Rod Navarro) to get his wife, Estella (Cynthia Gonzales) from the hands of her kidnapper con ex-fiance Ala Tigre (Paquito Diaz). It was not an easy fight especially if the victim really loves his own kidnapper. Will Tolongges poster his gentleness or will greed be enough to just get his pay?

1981 - Boni En Klayd (Bukang Liwayway Films)

[Release date 6th August 1981]


1981 – Sinisinta Kita (Bukang Liwayway Films)

[Release date 5th November 1981]

Director/Screenplay Angel Labra Cinematography Ramon Marcelino Music D. Salustiano Editor Pepe Marcos Art Director Rolly Sto Domingo

Cast Redford White, Pia Moran, Pugak, Matimtiman Cruz, Cachupoy, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia, Mitos del Mundo, Chito Arcea, Bing Angeles, Mely Tagaba, Tatlong Itlog, Ruel Vernal, Rudy Manlapaz

1982 – Speedy Gulong (Intercinema)

[Release date 22nd January 1982]

Director Angel Labra Screenplay B. Duenas Jr Cinematography Ramon Marcelino Music N. Montebon

Cast Redford White, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia, Lorna Tolentino

1982 – Johnny Tango (Larry Santiago Productions)

[Release date 2nd April 1982]

Director Ric Santiago Screenplay Jose F. Sibal Producer Larry Santiago Cinematography Rudy Quijano Music C. Rodriguez

Cast Redford White, Panchito, Liz Alindogan, Azenith Briones

1982 – Darakula (Intercinema Entertainment Inc)

[Release date 6th August 1982]

Director/Story Angel Labra

Cast Redford White, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Lito Anzures, Pugak, Popoy, Ruel Vernal, Juana Morena, Alita San Diego, Claudio Zobel, Lynn Gomez, Rita Rios, Gelyne del Rio

1983 – Wrong Mistake (Continental Pictures Int’l)

[Release date 6th January 1983]

Director Jose “Pepe” Wenceslao Story/Screenplay Roger Fuentebella Cinematography Oscar Querijero Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Chiquito, Redford White, Maria Teresa Carlson, Myrna Castillo, Victor Bravo, Tintoy, Joseph de Cordova, Esther de Jesus, Bing Angeles, Bayani Casimiro, Angel Confiado

1983 – Johnny Tango Rides Again (Larry Santiago Productions)

[Release date 31st March 1983]

Director Ric Santiago Screenplay Jose F. Sibal Producer Larry Santiago Music C. Rodriguez

Cast Redford White, Panchito, Janet Bordon, Maria Teresa Carlson

1984 - Wrong Ranger (Bukang Liwayway Films)

[Release date 27th February 1984, sometimes listed as “Wrong Rangers”]

Director Angel Labra Story Tony Reyes Screenplay Jerry O. Tirazona Cinematography Rey de Leon Musical Director Gabby Castellano Editor Pepe Marcos

Cast Redford White, Cachupoy, Pia Moran, Tatlong Itlog, Marilou Bendigo, Vilma Vitug, Rommel Valdez, Joaquin Fajardo, Nello Nayo, Joseph de Cordova, Ernie Forte, Nick Alladin, Leon Fajaron, Jun Santos, Jing Caparas, Danny Riel, Pompong, Joe Watts

1984 – Billy The Kid And The Sunshine Gid (Bagong Silang Films Inc)

[Release date 16th May 1984]

Director Tony Reyes Screenplay Jerry O. Tirazona Producer Rodolfo Reyes Cinematography Rey de Leon Music Rey Ramos Editor Pepe Marcos

Cast Redford White, Jess Lapid Jr, Cachupoy, Pia Moran, Tatlong Itlog, Mark Tallisan, Suzanne Gonzales, Romy Diaz, Fred Panopio, Palito, Bing Angeles, Joaquin Fajardo, Renato del Prado, Joseph de Cordova, Danny Rojo, Ernie Forte, Danny Riel, Jun Santos [other sources list Marilou Bendigo]

1984 - Sekreta 'Ini' (Sittis Film Exchange Philippines Inc)

[Release date 25th October 1984]

Director/Screenplay Angel Labra Story “Teddy Ramo”/Hadji Usman Ummar Producer Hadja Sitti Aiza Ummar Executive Producer Hadji Usman Ummar Associate Producer Hadji Mohammad Ali-Ajihil Cinematography Ramon Marcelino Music Pablo Vergara Theme Song Tatlong Itlog Editor Nap Montevon Makeup Artist Lerma Calara Production Supervisor Mohammad Nur Ajihil Production Manager Dante Javier Assistant Production Manager Eddie Castillo Post-Production Manager Johnny Leoncio In Charge of Production Yusuf Salim Assistant Director Tony Bautista Props & Sets Leoncio Mariano Sound Supervisors Vic Macamay, Rolly Ruta Sound Effects Danny Salvador Special Effects Leoncio Mariano Titles Paeng Dumala, Vic Penetrante Fight Instructors Jess Bonzo, Leon Pajaron Stills Sambas Ajihil Assistant Film Editors Ricardo Crisostomo, Crisanto Ramos Service Drivers Hadji Salam, Hadji Yunos Catering in Charge Utonuh Ajihil Schedule Master Domingo D. Bautista Utility Boys Ibrahim Ku-lot, Kennedy Mohammad, Manolito Navarro Public Relations Officer Vir Gonzales Sales in Charge Abdua Usman

Cast Redford White, Panchito, Cachupoy, Pia Moran, Tatlong Itlog , Fauzi Omar, Yusuf Salim, Maricel Gaskell, Paquito Diaz, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Dick Israel, Jenny Lyn Monteverde, Yashin Mohammad Nur, Usman Al-Hadj, Ali Al-Hadj, Leon Pajaron, Pong-Pong, Boy Ranai, Sonny Valencia, Jett Sahara, Abdua Usman, Intoy Waray, Mari Blanca, Lito Francisco, Benny May, Bert Cayanan, Andy Calma, Meng Ajihil, Taha Ajihil, Boy Salvador, Rico Tariman, Cleto Divino, Nurjan Soud, Abraham Pakil, Bobby Henson, Raymond Vargas, Jaime Cuales, Nardo Delansing, Roger Santos, Danny Amora, [uncredited] Boyet Argame, Raquel Sayson, Rene Tupaz

1984 – Okey… Olrayt (Happy Films)

[Release date 2nd November 1984]

Director Jose “Pepe” Wenceslao Screenplay Bonnie Paredes Cinematography Oscar Querijero Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Redford White, Richie D’Horsie, Tessie Tomas, Bella Flores, Roderick Paulate, Patrick de la Rosa, Soxy Topacio, Spanky Rigor, Bing Angeles

1985 – I Won! I Won! Ang S'Werte Nga Naman (Seiko Films)

[Release date 25th January 1985]

Director Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao Writers Fundador Soriano, Manny Castañeda Producer Michael Tan Executive Producer Robbie Tan Cinematography Oscar Querijero Music Snaffu Rigor Editor Edgardo 'Boy' Vinarao Production Design Peter Perlas Art Direction Ogie Maroket Makeup Artist Ampy Carolina Production Managers Manolo Maglaya, Minda Maglaya Assistant Director Jun Cudia Lay-Out Artist Vic Delotavo Set Director Nesty Ramirez Propsman Teddy Ramirez Sound Supervisor Rolly Ruta Sound Effects Jun Martinez Boom Operator: Emperor Films Roger Resulta Field Soundman Erning Yabut Assistant Camera Danny Bustos Generator Operator: Emperor Films Eddie De Guzman Electrician: Emperor Films Renato Ortilla Clapper: Emperor Films Eddie Yabut Assistant Camera Danny Ray Yabut Jr Assistant Film Editors Jess Aning, Isagani Celis Post-Production Coordinator Romana Tablate Schedule Master Roger Carreon Crew: Emperor Films Ramon Caniezo, Starlito Fisalbon, Erning Reyes, Danny Villanueva

Cast Redford White (Gunding), Cachupoy, Panchito (Procapio), Chichay, Ritchie D'Horsie, Ike Lozada, Pepe Pimentel, Dely Atay-atayan, Tatlong Itlog, Melissa Mendez (Joy), Matutina, Don Pepot, Clemente Soriano, Flora Gasser, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Rusty Santos, Balot, Manny Castañeda, Joel Alano, Lilian Laing, Babette Villaruel, Feling Cudia, Ricky Jora, Sonny Erang, Paeng Giant, Perry Fajardo, Gloria Osing, Nesty Ramirez, Dante Balois, Lina Hosalla, Richard Maglaya, Cherry Ampil, Roger Miranda, Pol Lopez, Ampy Carolina, Monete Timonera, Jowell Mendoza, Danilo Timonera, [uncredited] Boyet Argame, Raquel Sayson, Rene Tupaz

1985 - Johnny Rambo Tango (Larry Santiago Productions/Entertainment Phils. Inc)

[Philippines release date 22nd August 1985]


1985 – S.W.A.K. Samahang Walang Atrasan Sa Kalaban (1635 Films)

[Release date 7th November 1985]

Directors/Screenplay Dik Trofeo, Carlo J. Caparas

Cast Redford White, Panchito, Cachupoy, Tatlong Itlog, Jean Saburit, Nova Villa, Teroy de Guzman, Bayani Casimiro, Robert Talabis, Palito, Ros Olgado, Joaquin Fajardo, Renato del Prado, Kuya Cesar, Bomber Moran

1985 - Hee-Man: Master Of None (Cine International Group)

[Release date 28th December 1985]

Director/Writer Tony Y. Reyes Screenplay Woodrow Serafin Executive Producers Jessie Ejercito, Paquito Y. Reyes, Tony Samson, Dante G. Virata, Domeng Virata Music Rey Ramos Cinematography Ramon Marcelino Editor Ruben Natividad Special Effects/Opticals/Animation Rolly C. Santiago

Cast Redford White, Roderick Paulate, Emily Loren, Don Pepot, Tatlong Itlog, Joaquin Fajardo, Maning Bato, Imelda Caparas, Ernie Ortega, Mario Escudero, Thesa Madrid, Rachel Sayson, Boyet Argame, Raquel Sayson, Rene Tupaz, Pong Pong, Jing Caparas, Boy Ranay

Synopsis from the Philippines VCD: Hee-Man is a classic story of a Filipino superhero who grew up as an ordinary native named Herman guided by a deaf-mute man 'Dila, not knowing that he is a prince who has superpowers to defeat their enemies. As he grows looking for his parents, he met Bato who was a former fellow of his parents- King Artuz and Queen Guadalupe. Bato told him everything and his mission to defend the people against the black forces headed by Black Tengko.

1986 – Johnny Rocky Tan-Go (Larry Santiago Productions)

[Philippines release date 18th April 1986]


1986 – Pipo’s Power (JB Films/VH Films)

[Release date 5th June 1986]

Director Angel Labra Screenplay Joey Reyes Cinematography Ramon Marcelino Music Gabby Castellano Editor Jess Navarro Production Designer Vangie Mariano Overall-In-Charge Babes Marquez Jr Sound Rudy Baldovino

Cast Redford White, Janice Jurado, Kristel Romero, Joy Sumilang, Lito Pimentel, Dick Israel, Balut, Renato del Prado, Robert Talby, Vic Varrion, Don Pepot, Joaquin Fajardo, Pugak, Boyet Mercado, Nemie Gutierrez

1986 - Soldyer! (Arte)

[Release date 27th August 1986]


1986 – No Return No Exchange (Urban Films)

[Release date 5th September 1986]

Director Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao Story Rey Mendoza Screenplay Butch Macaro Executive Producer Jimmy C. Yu Cinematography Danny Bustos Music Demet Velasquez Editor Armando Jarlego Makeup Artist Leslie Destreza Assistant Makeup Artist Elsie Viloria Unit Manager Carding Baguio Production Manager Ben Santos Assistant Production Manager Josephine Wenceslao Assistant Director Butch Macaro Propsman Enrique del Prado Field Soundman Digoy Cotino Boom Operator Peping Yongco Layouts and Titles Rei Ayaton Assistant Layouts and Titles Ric Cristal, Moi Ayaton, Rex Mercado Generator Operator Nestor Bendijo Clapper Loader Tony Domondon Assistant Camera Joe Gliabo Still Photographer Dodie Gelig Assistant Still Photographer Peter Lascano Electrician Rey Trinidad Assistant Editor Tony Acurin Field Driver Empoy Utility Men Manolito Cabrera, Danilo Dela Cruz Crew Boi de Guzman, Monching Yongco, Teody Yongco Schedule Master Franklin Gonzales Public Relations Officer Ernie Pecho

Cast Lito Lapid, Redford White, Janice Jurado, Debbie Miller, Panchito, Dick Israel, Ruel Vernal, Don Pepot, Boyet Mercado, Lourdes Nuqui, Meng “Pusit” Villanueva, Maning Bato, Ding Arraza, Robert Miller, Robert Talby, Avel Morado, Rod Francisco, Roger Miranda, Danny Labra, Ernie David, Mel Arca

1986 – Cobrador (Solar Films)

[Release date 19th November 1986]


1986 - Tu-Yay And His Magic Payong (Urban Films)

[Release date 4th December 1986]

Director Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao Story/Screenplay Butch Macaro Executive Producer Jimmy C. Yu Cinematography Danny Bustos Music Demet Velasquez Editor Armando Jarlego Makeup Artist Leslie Destreza Assistant Makeup Artist Elsa Viloria Production Manager Ben Santos Assistant Production Manager Josephine Wenceslao Assistant Director Butch Macaro Sound Supervisor Ramon Reyes Soundman Eddie Yabut Boom Operator Roger Resulta Special Effects Danny Rojo Assistant Effects Eddrick Sto. Domingo, Elfred Sto. Domingo Graphics Eddie Domer Clapper Boy Rey Sipin Electrician Mel Viloria Assistant Camera Danny Ray Yabut Jr Assistant Editors Mel Acurin, Hernanie Diamante, Danny Francia Composer and Lyricist: Other Songs Romeo Quiñones, Esyot Vismanos Choir Members Jimmy Castro, Chato Cordero, Russel Delen, Michael Espiritu, Edgar Felix, Sheila Reyes, Eric Romero Public Relations Officer Ernie Pecho Legman Roger Carreon Caterer Evelyn Payumo Crew Ferdie Alcantara, Danny Alcober, Darlino Ramirez

Cast Redford White (Emilio/Tuyay), Luis Gonzales (Luis), Delia Razon (Delia), Marita Zobel (Marita), Robert Campos (Robert), Lucita Soriano, Jimmy Santos (Jimmy), Dely Atay-atayan, Matutina (Inday), Luz Fernandez, Nello Nayo (Pedrito), Don Pepot (Kulas), Jaypee De Guzman (Jaypee), Katrin Gonzales, Karlo Gomez, Karen Gill, “Joan”/Joanne Miller, Marco Polo Garcia, Hero Bautista, Harlene Bautista, Luis Benedicto, Francisco Cruz, Rudy Villa, [uncredited] Nonong de Andres (Zombie leader)

1987 – The Untouchable Family (Falcon Films/Viva Films)

[Release date 13th January 1987]

Director Tony Reyes Writers Jose Reyes, Tony Reyes Executive Producers Vic Del Rosario Jr, Tony Gloria Line Producers Felix Dalay, Lita Santos Cinematography Joe Tutanes Editor Rene Tala Art Director Rolly Bernardo Production Design Rolly Bernardo

Cast Edgar Mortiz (Mad Max), Redford White (Machinegun Nonong), Caridad Sanchez (Madonna Barker), Ronel Victor (Pretty Boy Freda), Regine Velasquez (Sheila), Berting Labra (Al Kapon), Lala Montelibano (Lady in Red), Sabatini Fernandez (Don Vito), Chichay

1987 – Balandra Crossing (Andelyn)

[Release date 28th May 1987]

Director Enrique Arcega Screenplay Oden Amurao Cinematography Oscar Quirejero

Cast Chiquito, Redford White, Melissa Mendez, Tina Godinez

1987 – Rangers In The Wrong War (Arte)

[Release date 25th June 1987]

Director Angel Labra Screenplay Jerry Tirazona Cinematography Ramon Marcelino

Cast Cachupoy, Redford White, Pia Moran

1987 – Pulis Iskwad Kuno! (Emperor Films)

[Release date 14th August 1987]

Director Angel Labra

Cast Redford White, Bembol Roco, Carol Dauden, Lucita Soriano, Tirso Cruz III, George Estregan, Jimmy Santos, Berting Labra

1987 – Lost and Found Command: Rebels Without Because (Four N Films)

[Release date 19th November 1987]

Director Tony Y. Reyes Story/Screenplay Tony Y. Reyes, Felix E. Dalay Producer: Four N Films Felix E. Dalay Executive Producer Manny Nuqui Cinematography Joe Tutanes Music Rey Ramos Editor Rene Tala Production Design Rolly Bernardo Makeup Rey Salamat, Mandy Yumang Overall in Charge of Production Dorie S. Nuqui Assistant Director Dante Kabigting Art Department Resty Campanero Sound Supervisor Rolly Ruta Sound Effects Editor Henry Cabrales Dubbing Technician Florencio Ortega Loopers Tikboy Betes, Ben Samson Special Effects Freddie Fajardo Effectsmen Jaime Davantes, Joel Macandog, Bobot Putian Titles and Opticals Boy Quilatan Graphics Nhes Bautista, Vic E. Velasco Assistant Camera Atoy de Vera Still Photographer Benny Ducot Negative Grader Danny Austria Associate Editor Popoy Crisostomo Driver Cocoy Facundo Schedule Master Nita Bayed Production Secretary Orly Galicha Production Coordinator Resty Herrera Assistant Production Coordinator Jaime Cuales Publicist Efren Esteban Production Assistants Noel Nuqui, Fermina Santos Caterers Margie Chardo, Iling Monteloyola

Cast Redford White (Cpl. Akomplis), Cachupoy (Sgt. Pagaspas), “Tatlong Itlog”/Rene Tupaz (Pvl. Daluyong), “Tatlong Itlog”/Boyet Argame (Pvl. Habagat), “Tatlong Itlog”/Raquel Sayson (Pvl. Amihan), Angela Perez (Beauty Queen), Marilou Bendigo (Madame Butterfly), Berting Labra (Col. O. Nasaan), Renato Del Prado (Sur Dimawari), Joaquin Fajardo (Kmdr. Buwaya), Joseph de Cordova (Maj. Problem), Boy Alano (Capt. Logan), Robert Talby (Brig. Gen. Rene Repair), Ernie Forte (Ringo), Sonny Valencia (Rading dela Cruz), Ria Crisostomo (Beauty Queen), Sarrah Devie (Angela Murray), Via Nuevo (Beauty Queen), May Zapanta (Umbrella Girl), Jing Caparas (Ting-Aling), Amay Bisaya (Cmdr. T.Y. Hasshim), Penggot (Maj. Dolen), Maning Bato (Col. Oscar Tapias), Frank Lapid (Randy), Jaime Cuales (Sta. Ana. Sto. Domingo), Boy Tronqued (Speed Boat Driver), Roxanne Costo

1988 – Code Name Black & White (ABA Productions)

[Release date 3rd February 1988]

Director Gayjee Pangan Screenplay Ross Oracion Cinematography Amado de Guzman Editor Nap Montebon Music Geyju Jr

Cast Chiquito, Redford White, Bubbles Lin, Nieves Manuel

1988 – Parrot Unit (Green Films)

[Release date 24th March 1988]

Director Tony Reyes Cinematography Armando de Guzman Art Director Boboy Tan

Cast Redford White, Cachupoy, Gia Guison, Luisa Laurel

1988 – Pitong Pasiklab Sa Army (Arte)

[Release date 6th July 1988]

Director Bill Baldridge Cinematography Roger Estrada Music Rex Massey

Cast Redford White, Cachupoy, Janice Jurado, Graziella

1988 - Ompong Galapong: Me Ulo, Walang Tapon! (Horizon Productions)

[Release date 31st August 1988]

Director Angel Labra

Cast Dolphy, Redford White, Chat Silayan, Mely Tagasa, Ronel Victor, Berting Labra, Jimmy Santos, Max Alvarado, Ruel Vernal

1988 – Kumander Anting-Anting (Superior Films)

[Release date 14th December 1988]

Director Charlie Ordoñez Story/Screenplay Bert Dueñas Jr Line Producer Col. Johnny Davantes Associate Producers F.C.J., S.M.D. Executive Producer M.M.S. Cinematography Ricardo M. Herrera Music Encore Editor Rene Tala Production Design Gabby Francisco Makeup Lyn Paguio Associate Director Hernando 'Boy' Alano Props & Setting Bedo, Ben Marrag Field Soundman Boy Cabrales Sound Maintenance Abel Granados Sound Mixer Willy Islao Sound Effects Jun Martinez Special Effects Boy Sto. Domingo Assistant Camera Rey De Vera Still Photographer Rudy Ramos Animator Rolly Santiago Assistant Film Editor Ben Tala Utility Reynaldo Popeye Castro, Benny Castor Production Comptroller Elma De Castro, Evelyn Rivera Schedule Master Max Lauresta Production Secretary Julie Enciso, Tonette Lim, Grace Querubin Production Coordinator: Military Equipment Shirley Lumbayan, Jimmebeth Romero Sales Manager Susan Ordoñez

Cast Redford White, Melissa Mendez, Boy Alano, Tony Santos Jr, Rene Requiestas, Efren 'Turling' Pader, Rommel Valdez, Renato Del Prado, Vic “Valero”/Belaro, Jun Dela Paz, Tony Bagyo, Pamboy, Jaime Fabregas, Rudy Meyer, Robert Talby, Robert Talabis, Jane Fulayter, Mary Rose Ripoll, Airene Serna, Sahra Aguilar

1989 – Captain Yagit (Horizon Films)

[Release date 4th October 1989]

Directors Angel Labra, Leo Valdez Editor Segundo Ramos Sound Gaudencio Barredo

Cast Redford White, Cachupoy, Hazel Navasero, Bamba, Luis Gonzales, Gladys Mercado, Max Alvarado



  1. I suposse you got this questoin frequently, but... is there any retailer store to order some of this online?

    Johnny Tan-Go Rambo was a superhit in home video in Spain... Some of this movies were released too, but some are totally new for me.

  2. Hi Jose,

    I think you already know the answer...the bulk of the Philippines' trash treasures are gone forever! Only a few make it to VCD or DVD release in the Philippines (Redford White's A Man Called Tolongges, Hee-Man, Parrot Unit for instance) and the dubbed-into-English export titles are generally floating around the grey market, having disappeared after their initial VHS release in the Eighties.

    However, drop me an email and I'll try to point you in the right direction:

    Cheers and thanks for reading,


  3. Many many Redford white's movies have been TV broadcasted during the last months in CINEMA ONE, one of the filipino movie channels from the cable Tv in the Philippines. Need to say the movies they broadcasted were from the first 90's.
    They usually re-broadcast them. This also happens with many movies from Rene Requiestas...the ones he played without Joey De Leon are broadcasted repeatly in this channel during morning time philippines time.

  4. One of my few regrets was that I never had a chance to work with Redford. A very funny guy! Another great post Andrew!

  5. If you did, you would be more popular in Spain than you are, Nick!!!! hehehehehehehe. I remember my teen years when I used to go to the video rentala every weekend & I saw dozens of your movies with Mike Monti there!....old good times!

  6. Hey Nick...Thanks for the feedback. Two months til I hit Manila running! See you soon, Andrew

  7. Cipriano M. Cermeño A.K.A Redford White, passed away today July 25, 2010 @ 6:47am... please let us offer a prayer for him....