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Pinoy James Bonds: Romano Castellvi as Secret Agent Romano and Agent Domino

1965 – Lady Killer (DLZ Productions/Magna East)

[Release date 15th November 1965]

Director/Screenplay Danny Zialcita

Cast Romano Castellvi (Secret Agent Romano), Maggie de la Riva, Stella Suarez, Lourdes Medel, Jose Romulo, Ben Perez, Jose Vergara, Flor Bien, “Bert”/Roberto Gonzales, Arturo Lavidez

Synopsis (from the Filmography of Philippine Films 1959-1989): Lady Killer stars new discovery Romano Castellvi, a dashing secret agent who goes after a syndicate dealing with a drug which causes sterility among women. Filmed in Eastman color.”

1966 - Cabonegro (Magna East)

[Release date 19th January 1966]

Director “DLZ”/Danny Zialcita

Cast Romano Castellvi (Agent Domino), Divina Valencia, Ben Perez, Flor Bien, Roberto Gonzales, Chito Reyes, Ben Manalo, Cleng-Cleng Diaz, Richard Rey, Glen Orlean, Bert Asuncion, Arturo Lavidez, Lourdes Medel, Zeny Zabala, Gina Laforteza, Ernesto Santos, Lucien Pan, Rolando Aquino, Sabrina, Lu-Cas

Synopsis (from the Filmography of Philippine Films 1959-1989): “Filmed in Eastman color, the film dramatizes the imminent dangers besieging the life of a playboy secret agent whose mission is to recover an important invention of an American scientist.”

1966 – Target Domino (Magna East)

[Release date 6th May 1966]

Director “DLZ”/Danny Zialcita

Cast Romano Castellvi (Agent Domino), Liberty Ilagan, Stella Suarez, Roberto Gonzales, Marissa Delgado, Ben Manalo, Jaime Castellvi Jr, Lu-Cas, Al Bravo, Bert Asuncion, Rolando de Oca, Val Dalton, Andy Canares, Nel de la Isla, Arturo Lavides, Bessie Barredo, Tito Arevalo, Leni Trinidad, Val Magno, Rolando Aquino

Synopsis (from the Filmography of Philippine Films 1959-1989): “A sequel to Cabonegro about a girl out to deliver the elusive lawman, Agent Domino, dead or alive – to the syndicate that hired her.”

1966 – Tiger Lady (GM Film Organization)

[Release date 30th July 1966]

Director/Story DLZ

Cast Roman Castellvi (Secret Agent Romano or Agent Domino), Josephine Estrada, Rolly Aquino, Val Magno, Arturo Lavidez, Ben Manalo, Val Dalton, Lu-Cas, Bert Asuncion, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia, Tito Arevalo, Lucien Pan, Helen Thompson, Diana Dean, Jun Bergman, Lina Carillo

1966 – Crossfire (Dansil Productions)

[Release date 1st December 1966]

Director Romy Villaflor Story/Screenplay Henry Cuino Music Carding Cruz

Cast Romano Castellvi (Secret Agent Romano or Agent Domino), Gina Alonzo, Joe Sison, Marilou Ver, Lucien Pan, Rod Navarro, Bessie Barredo, Eva Darren, Marissa Delgado, Eva Marie, Lourdes Medel, Rosario del Pilar, Lucita Soriano, Jose Vergara, Jose Garcia, Tito Arevalo, Angel Confiado, Suzanne Machelle, Moie Simbulan, Ruffy Ricafort, Rene Matias, Ernie Rosendahl, Chito Bizzaro, Cesar Litonjua, Tiva Lava, Edzel Alcantara, Nicky Veloso, Julie Rezeba, Solly Ballon, Angie Razon, Jun Parungao, Jimmy Castellvi, Lu-Cas, SOS Daredevils, Marilyn Dawley, Arturo Lavidez, Dodjie Laurel, Baby Luna


1967 – Black Yoga (Magna East)

[Release date 17th January 1967]

Director Johnny Legarda Music Levi Principe

Cast Romano Castellvi (Secret Agent Romano?), Ramon D’Salva, Vera Vargas, Lisa Belmonte, Jaime Castellvi, Ben Perez, Bruno Punzalan, Jimmy Roldan, Aida Carino

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