Monday, June 7, 2010

Pinoy James Bonds: Paolo Stacatto, RP Secret Agent 077

1965 - Paolo Stacatto: RP Secret Agent 077 (Virgo Films Productions/Larry Santiago Productions)

[Release date 7th August 1965]

Director Nilo Saez Story Luis Enriquez Screenplay Tony Camonte Music Nestor Robles

Cast Eddie Rodriguez (Paolo Stacatto, RP Secret Agent 077), Miriam Jurado, Renato Robles, Ramon D’Salva, Maria Theresa, Patricia Mijares, Lucien Pan, Rodolfo Cristobal, Eddie Torrente, Arturo Lavidez, Bert [Roberto?] Gonzales, Manding Rino, Rene Roque, Rolan Montes, Lourdes Medel, Ely “Kim” Ramos, Lyn D’Amour, Mila Ocampo, Leni Trinidad, Menggay, Suzzette Speis, Lito Garcia, Gabriel Paile, Joe Sison

1966 – Paolo Stacatto At Ang Gintong Buddha (Virgo Film Productions/Emar Pictures)

[Release date 20th January 1966]

Director Nilo Saez Story/Screenplay Luis Enriquez

Cast Eddie Rodriguez (Paolo Stacatto, RP Secret Agent 077), Liza Moreno, Juliet Pardo, Jose Vergara, Nello Nayo, Eddie Torrente, Roberto Gonzales, Manolo Robles, Abelardo Dacer, Darmo Orbase, Dante Leynes, Bert Dumaran, Cris Cruz, Mike Lozano, Phil de Pano, Joe Sison, Gabby Paile?, Chona Delgado, Seikichi Iha, Roland Gonzales, RG Karate Boys, Commando Self-Defense Karate Boys

Synopsis (from the Filmography of Philippine Films 1959-1989): “Revolves around two law agents assigned to smash an international syndicate whose operations pose a grave threat to the universe.”

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