Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Hunted (1989)

1989 - The Hunted (Davian International Ltd)

[First production for David Hung's Hong Kong/Philippines company]

Director/Producer David “Hunt”/Hung Executive Producer Anjantre “Hunt”/Hung Cinematography Arnold “Adams”/Alvaro Editor John Williams 1st Assistant Director Andy "Anderson"/Andico 2nd Assistant Director Jeff Griffith Production Manager Vic Chapman Art Director Andy Vasquez Production Assistant Vivian "Anderson"/Andico Special Effects Jun Thompson Stunt Coordinator Jack Morgan Makeup Sally Kernochan, Mary Brenton Casting Director Philip Gordon Wardrobe Bruce Skerritt Set Dresser Kevin Singer, Nick Michell Camera Operator Jim Scott 1st Assistant Cameraman Keith Kleiser 2nd Assistant Cameraman Jimmy Nitzsche Gaffer John Williams Film Loader Antony Isaacs Production Soundman Philip Lyne Boom Man Alexander Kleiser Chief Electrician Ron Mitchell Electricians Jack Jones, William White, John Fox Key Grip Bill Morris Grips Neil Bozzone, Fred Turman Utility Larry Solomon, Gary Sanders Schedule Master Marco Baker Location Manager Sammy Interno Stills Joey Crame

Cast Jack Gilbert (John Branigan), Andrea Lamatsch (Sylvia Smith), Corwyn Paul Sperry (David Stone), Jim Moss (Mike Branigan), Buddy Norton (Luvack), Edward Burnett (Ivan), Albert Bronsky (1st Contact Man), Mike Mills (2nd Contact Man) KGB Agents Jeff Griffith, Philip Gordon, Henry "Stakaowsky"/Strzalkowsky, Nick Nicholson, Joe Fisher, Tim Timan, Miguel Romero, David Gibberson, Gerald Silvester, Helmut Brunner, John Reborra, Wolfgang Holbring, John Mosher, Gunther Wilke CIA Agent Jim Dixon

NOTE: Many of the names have been Anglicized, original names unknown

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