Monday, January 7, 2013

Cry Freedom (1959)

1959 - Cry Freedom (Banaue Pictures)

[Philippines' release date 1st July 1959; distributed theatrically in the US in 1961 by Parallel Film Distributors Inc, released in Belgium as "Le Cri De La Liberte/De Kreet Der Vrijheid"]

Director Lamberto V. Avellana Writer Rolf Bayer Based on the novel "The Crucible" by Yay Marking Producer Edith PĂ©rez de Tagle Cinematography Mike Accion Music Restie Umali Editor Fely Crisostomo Sound Flaviano Villareal    

Cast Pancho Magalona (Marking), Rosa Rosal (Yay), Johnny Reyes (Cabalhim), Jack Forster (Sid), Joseph de Cordova, Alfonso Carvajal, Pedro Faustino, Mario Roldan, Charles Kelley (Lieutenant Stoddard), Tony Santos (Juanito)

 Original Filipino ad courtesy of Simon Santos' Video 48 blog

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