Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For Your Height Only on German DVD - with my extras!

WENG WENG FANS REJOICE! The new German DVD of For Your Height Only (titled "Agent 003 1/2") just arrived in the post yesterday from its Film Art label, and the bonus features I supplied are all there! I'm extremely happy and proud to announce it's the most definitive DVD release of FYHO anywhere in the world thus far:

- Small hardbox with leather improvement - like a small leather-bound book! - limited and numbered to 1000 copies

- Picture format: 4:3 (fullscreen), with an alternative version of the main film (1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen)

- Sound: German & English language

- Featurette: "The Weng Weng Story" (with German subtitles) is actually three episodes of my Schlock Treatment program on Weng Weng, half an hour in total!

- On-Disc-Booklet by Andrew Leavold (also as an audio book, spoken by Charles Rettinghaus, the German dubbing actor of Jean-Claude van Damme), both in German

- Extensive picture Gallery with rare movie posters and stills

- Original English language trailers for "For Your Height Only" and "The Impossible Kid"

Discs may be purchased from and Film Art's main distributor

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