Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don Gordon Bell's photo album #3

“Me with Romano Kristoff, 1984 - Spanish friend and fellow actor in the Philippines. UechiRyu style Okinawa Karate.”

“Me on Left, Romano, then UechiRyu Grand Master George Mattson (3rd from Left) and Sensei Robert Campbell (3rd from Right). Manila Polo Club school 1984”

Manila Uechi-Ryu Okinawan Karate School, Sensei Robert Campbell. I am in upper row, right side with full beard. 1984 or so.”

Stryker: The food tent (l-r) Tony Kenedy, Margie Kenedy, Don Gordon Bell

Stryker: Margie Kenedy, Cirio Santiago

Stryker: pre-explosion (Margie Kenedy in middle)

Stryker: (l-r) Don Gordon Bell, David Ventura

Stryker: Tony Kenedy

"Road Warrior"

"Road Warrior II"

"Wheels of Fire: the band of Foreign extras, support cast, etc. etc..”

"Wheels of Fire: my crew of goons.”

“Romano, Carla, and Don in Red Roses for a Call Girl"

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