Friday, May 8, 2009

Henry Strzalkowski's Photo Album Part 1

On the set of B-Team (c.1988), AD for Ken Watanabe starring Romano Kristoff

Me in black at the top of the stairs. Got burned a moment later! Eye Of The Eagle (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1986)

Where the tanks stopped - EDSA Revolution 1986. Now Robinsons' Galleria and shrine to many

EDSA barricaded, '86 Revolution. In front of Camp Crame

Nick and me, Eye Of The Eagle (1986)

Me and Ed Crick, Eye Of The Eagle

Martin Sheen on the set of Fortunes Of War (dir. Thierry Notz, 1993), being interviewed for local TV

Chuck Wagner (Automan) and me on The Sisterhood (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1988)

Cinex film, can't remember the title, with Jeff Weston and Darwyn Swalve

The Sisterhood

Eye Of The Eagle

Wheels Of Fire (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1985)

Killer Insinct (dir. Cirio H. Santaigo, 1987) as "Costello"

On the set of Platoon (dir. Oliver Stone, 1986)

Eye Of The Eagle with wardrobe head and script supervisor

Eye Of The Eagle with the late Bill Steis

Eye Of The Eagle, on location with the sixteen-inch guns of Corregidor

Eye Of The Eagle

Early morning, cold typhoon day on the set for Teddy Chiu

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  1. Picture #9: The film with Jeff Weston and Darwyn Swalve that Henry couldn't remember is DEATH BOND from 1988. It's released on Greek VHS.