Friday, May 8, 2009

Henry Strzalkowski's Photo Album Part 2

Field Of Fire (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1991)

Joe Zucchero, George Takei, myself

Eye Of The Eagle (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1986) with Robert Patrick and Nick Nicholson

Field Of Fire: note collapsing knife!

More Field Of Fire

Killer Instinct (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1987) group shot

The Destroyers (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1985)

Killer Instinct with Robert Patrick

The Sisterhood (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1988) with Chuck Wagner

Martin Sheen, Glen Parian, Totoy Jones and me

AD (extreme left) for Jo Mari Avellana (middle) on Narco Dollar (1989)

Arranging the next day's schedule with 2nd AD Lita Pryat, Future Hunters (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1986)

The fat guy in the centre is Big Boy Escarvillas, my driver on the Premiere set. From Hell Camp (aka Opposing Force; dir. Eric Karson, 1986)

Group shot of the Hell Camp guards with Anthony Zerbe, Eric Karson, Richard Roundtree

Willy Williams, myself, Robert Patrick, Mel Davidson

My ex-wife with an award-winning blue-cream Persian cat

Firing the M-60 in Killer Instinct

My ex-wife and my 8 month old son (now 18 years old!)

AD for Jo Mari on Narco Dollars

Future Hunters

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