Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dirty Games (1981)

1981 – Dirty Games (Movieworld International)

[Philippines release date 23rd July 1981; export version distributed by Cinex Films and F. Puzon Film Enterprises]

Director Leonardo Velasco Uy Story Leonardo Velasco Uy, Jose Mari Avellana Screenplay Jose Mari Avellana Producer Leticia Nocom Executive Producer Johnny H. Chan Cinematography "Temmie"/Artemio Ongleo Music Ernani Cuenco Editor Joe Mendoza Sound Rolly Ruta Underwater Cameraman Pruseso Lazaro Helicopter Pilots Captain Henry F. Ciron, Captain Valentino Prudencio, 1st Lt Joe Masferre, 1st Lt Teddy Termano

Cast Eddie Rodriguez, Christopher de Leon, Ace Vergel, Amalia Fuentes, Lorna Tolentino, Eddie Garcia, Dranreb [Belleza], Angelo Buenaventura, Tino de Lara, Orly Onza, Tirso Mediavillo, Jesse Sapitan

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